Promotional Buses - General Information

 Exploit the advertising potential of a double-decker bus!


If your intended roadshow or static promotion is for a few weeks and less than one year, then a hire option may be the most cost-effective way of proceeding. For roadshows lasting longer than six months, we can negotiate special reductions. Alternatively, we can charge you a retainer on the bus, and a price per venue option. In addition to the basic hire costs there are the charges for driver’s wages/subsistence, fuel and parking etc.

With the hire option, we would retain and maintain the bus for you. Under the terms of our insurance, our buses are only hired out with our own driver. It is possible to make small adaptations to the interior of our special hire fleet and we can discuss plans with you, to arrive at the optimum design solution. We have many buses in stock that could also be offered for your bespoke adaptation.


We can quote for total repaints, full vinyl wraps or minimal graphics. Please give us an outline of your ideas.


We are able to offer adapted buses of both traditional and modern style. These are re-designed as necessary to meet a client’s detailed specification and we are able to assist with design services, to help optimise the vehicle’s layout and exterior presentation. We carry out all work on the vehicle from the fundamental, but unseen, mechanical service to full modification. We can make modification to coachwork, which may comprise insertion or removal of windows, extra doors or staircases, part or complete removal of roof, re-panelling and re-painting to a high standard plus final vehicle branding to take advantage of the mobile advertisement potential of a double decker bus. Estimated costs can be given in advance once a vehicle has been identified and specification for change drawn up.

With the purchase option, you would have to maintain, insure and store the bus, as well as find a suitable driver. However, you would have an asset to sell at the end of the campaign and be able to make a worthwhile return against costs.

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