buy double decker The LONDON BUS EXPORT Company...
...a unique enterprise dedicated to a unique vehicle.

From the world's widest selection of double deckers, we can offer buses for sale and for hire, across a startling number of categories - from a mobile British Pub…. to an Outside Broadcasting Studio… to a Children's Adventure Fun Factory.

The London Bus Export Company offers a complete service to back up our product: Advice on local traffic regulations; careful and experienced selection of ideal vehicle type; mechanical renovation as necessary, re-panelling and re-painting; conversion of the interior to your new concept - everything from design to delivery world-wide.

Our coach-building services can be as radical as your own ideas; we can lower roofs to comply with local traffic regulations or remove them completely. We can build anything from a Triple-Decker to a self-contained Information Technology vehicle. The aluminium construction of a typical London Bus lends itself perfectly to imaginative adaptations - extra entrances, second staircase, central heating, air-conditioning etc.

We can pass on the benefits of our operating experience to you, supply spare parts, three months warranty and, we hope, convey some of our enthusiasm for the British double-decker bus.